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The Yes Game
Changing The Date Rape Culture 

 What Will It Take ~

For men to do the right thing and treat women Fairly & Honorably?

 A Carrot & A Stick ! 

The same thing it always takes to get someone to change bad behavior.

The Stick Is ~ 
Emerging, Finally, in the form of The Criminal Justice System. 

The Carrot Is ~ 
The Yes Game 
     A Quite Significant Reward ~ IN TRADE ~ for Fair & Honorable Behavior.

 Exquisite Sexual Experiences ~ Occur Only When You "Play."
 Follow The Game Rules ~ Discover Fairness Works!

Learn To Unlock The Secrets Of Sexual Responsiveness ~ For Those Who Are Willing To Adopt An Attitude of Fair
& Honorable Behavior Toward Women.

And Yes, If Men Drop The Fair Attitude ~ Their Sexual Enhancement Will Fade.     
  Fair's Fair ~ Win, Win.    

The Yes Game Story

After hearing the disturbing news reports of date rape and other sexual abuses
on campuses, and the rather casual way universities and the authorities continue to
turn a blind eye to these horrendous offenses, I wondered how I might apply
my area of Expertise  ~ Cognitive Skills Training ~  for a Positive Solution.

In one news report, an advocate for women who was being interviewed stated,
“Men need to understand that NO means NO and that ONLY YES can mean YES.”
She went on to say,
“I realize that asking ahead of time, “Can I have sex with you,” isn't very sexy.” 
My first response was, “Wow, you got that right. That is most definitely Not Sexy.”
But the seed had been planted and I started thinking how to bring it to fruition.
I knew what I could bring to the table. The problem would be getting compliance.

                                   Objective 1:  Find A Sexy Way of Asking for Sex. 
                                   Objective 2:  Find A Big PayOff - To Get Everyone to Comply. 

For Women I found that if a man asked certain easy questions, before making even small
advances in intimacy, that would put her at ease and honor her. It can be Sexy Too. 
✓ 1
This gives women the safe, anxiety free environment they need to build Self-Confidence and 
Especially the Self-Expression, needed to develop Heightened Sexual Responses. ✓ 2 

For Men An Approach System that defines permissive boundaries without limiting sex✓ 1
Then the extra benefit of having a hotter, more responsive, engaging partner while
The Yes Game enables the men to develop their own Heightened Sexual Responses. ✓ 2

And There It Is ~ The Big PayOff ~ Making it Worth Doing the Right Thing. 
Small Permissions ~ That Lead to Heightened Sexual Experiences.

~ We Then Modified Our Intimacy Enhancement Programs Into ~
The Yes Game

Above and Beyond stress 
Training Individuals, for decades, in developing their 
Cognitive Skills. 
Creating a Natural Flow into the most effective thought processes
for achieving goals. Both 
Personally and Professionally.

If we can enlighten 2 minds at a time to Remove Conquest From Sex & replace it with an 
open joyful dialogue of mutual respect, perhaps we can create a Culture of Honor & Sharing.

As Long As Men Think Of Sex As Conquest,
They Will Continue To Think Of Women As Prey.

Asking A Woman For Small Permissions Which Define the Permitted "Playground."
Empowering Women With The Word Yes !
And NoAnd Stop !

Parents May Wish To Order The Yes Game For Young Adults Going Away From Home.
The Yes Game Is About Having Dialogue BEFORE Falling Into The Age Old Traps.

Cognitive Skills Training
Developing The Thought Processes
That are Most Effective for Achieving Your Goals.

It’s no secret that some ways of thinking are Supportive, Uplifting and Build Self Confidence,
Joy and Happiness. While other ways of thinking Undermine our Self Esteem, Sabotage our
Goals and Increase Anxiety, Phobias, Depression and Helplessness.

Obviously, if every time a person thinks of sex they are filled with anxiety, guilt, shame,
embarrassment or dread, or even just a negative attitude, it will impede, reduce and
possibly block their ability to Experience Joyful Feelings and Normal Sexual Health.

Cognitive Skills Training is learning how to formulate Fully Supportive Thoughts.
And then develop the habit of thinking more and more of these thoughts;
While Switching Away from the undermining, sabotaging thoughts.
Thereby Establishing The Neural Pathways of Success.

The Yes Game Is Not Just A Game 
More Importantly ~ It's A Solution.

Only a Sober Yes Can Mean YES.

Seeking to eliminate bad behavior by reducing the perceived need for a man to approach
sex in a sneaky, underhanded manner. Offering, In Trade, an Alternative Method of
Approaching and Engaging that is More Desirable for both parties.

The Yes Game
Enhanced Sexual Experiences,
As A Reward for Fair & Honorable Behavior.

However, some people don’t approve of talking about Sex. And The Yes Game IS talk of sex.
But specifically it is talk
of sexual Limits & Parameters. Most will agree that Good Clean
Sex is always better than
an Accidental, Life Changing Pregnancy, STD, Rape or
Rape Charges, Trauma, Injury or
Loss of Sexual Health. Especially given
that you can count on experimentation with sex 
happening rather
frequently. Isn't it better for our kids to be more Informed,
Prepared & Ready to
Set Their Own Limits.

After all, we have tried;
“Sex is Bad, Don’t Talk About Sex.”
For A Very Long Time.